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The Spanish Language for living in Spain

If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain it would also be worthwhile trying to learn the Spanish language. Although you may be buying a property in an English speaking community you will still need talk to tradesmen, the telephone company, utility people etc. You may not be considering living is Spain full time as it may be just a holiday home, however the benefit of learning the language will be immense.. Many ex-pats get by for years with the minimum grasp of the Spanish language. You can manage to live in Spain without speaking a word of Spanish, but even if you learn the basics the experience of living in Spain will be greatly enhanced. It could also save you alot of time, frustration and money.

It is not necessary to be fluent, you will find that the Spanish people are very patient and understanding if you try to make the effort with their language. There are numerous options for learning Spanish, tapes, evening classes, phrase books etc. The Spanish people will really appreciate your efforts and usually go out of there way to assist you. If you are able to deal directly with issues that will inevitably arise if you own a property in Spain you will be able to get things done a lot quicker than if you have to work through an interpreter the whole time.

The different regions in Spain have different dialects. The Catalan and Valencia regions of Spain speak a different language to the main language of Castellano. However if you determine the language of the region of the area you are considering buying you property, then you will be in a good position. If you are unsure then Castellan language will be a great help in those areas where it in not the first language.

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