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Go Karting on La Manga

Irrespective of how much you’re into tennis, the likelihood is that you’ll want to do other things while you’re at La Manga. If this is the case, then the great news is that you’ll be completely spoiled for choice. If go karting is on your holiday “wish list” as an activity to try, there’s a simply sublime go karting circuit only a few minutes drive from La Manga. It may well be that you’re planning to fill your days with tennis, tennis, tennis, but in between times, you’ll have great fun at La Manga Gokart.

Tennis fans from La Manga flock to La Manga Gokart in their droves to experience the speed and excitement of the track. After a hard head-to-head on the tennis court, the thrill of whizzing around the track is a great way to unwind and forget the intensity of the match, and there’s no better place than at La Manga Gokart. With a 30-year history behind it, this circuit has been selected as home to several Spanish championships, so it certainly is no ‘Mickey Mouse’ circuit. And of course, as you’d expect, every aspect of the circuit respects the health and safety requirements to the letter.

Both adults and children can enjoy go karting at La Manga, thanks to the different circuits that have been set up and grouped according to age and experience. The main competition circuit at La Manga Gokart is just short of a kilometer long and has an interesting and challenging mix of straights and bends. The adult circuit has varying widths at different points, so there’s plenty of scope to demonstrate your karting abilities here. For the little ones, there’s a circuit that’s been custom built with wide curves and straights so they can get around while still facing their fair share of challenge. Thereafter, teenagers will just love the tight bends and straights on the junior circuit. To cut a long story short, the circuits at La Manga really cross the generations and allow the whole family the opportunity to compete and have fun at the same time.

With a great stock of karts at La Manga, you won’t be left waiting in a queue to fearlessly race your way round the circuit. And after you’ve challenged each other to a race, you’ll no doubt fancy a drink or maybe something to eat? If that’s the case, the café at the circuit is the place to head high season. Offering pizzas and burgers as well as snacks and drinks both inside and out it has a real 1960’s diner feel. Although there is seating both inside and out, it has to be said that the track café doesn’t compare with the restaurants that are on offer at La Manga itself. So, if you fancy something just a bit more stylish to celebrate your win, you’re probably best going back to base.

At La Manga itself, you can celebrate your go karting win at the likes of Uncle Sam’s, Luigi’s or La Princesa, all of which offer a great choice of food and drinks for the whole family at very reasonable prices. But if you’ve booked an early court for either a knock about or a match, don’t stay out too late or your performance will be less Wimbledon and more wobbly!

If you’ve already decided that a tennis holiday is what you’re looking for, you’ll struggle to find better than La Manga. No matter whether you’re heading off solo, as a couple without kids or as a family, this resort truly has something for every situation, every taste and every desire. This is why so many tennis fans flock to La Manga year in and year out. Not only do they have access to world-class tennis facilities, but they have a whole universe of other activities to occupy their off-court moments, meaning they’re never left looking for something to do.

If you have any questions about your holiday plans, or if you’d like to find out more, why not get in touch with our team right now? They’re completely up to date with all the tennis and non-tennis facilities at La Manga and will happily give you all the information you need.