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Fitness Classes in La Manga Club

If you take these activities alone into account, you’ve pretty much got a different way to get, or stay fit every day of the week for a two-week holiday. All of that said, you can also avail of the personal trainer facility that’s available on site or one of the many fitness classes, which include:

All of these options offer a great way to get fit, no matter your current level of fitness. That said, if you’re at La Manga Club to play tennis, the likelihood is that you’re already at a good, if not great level of fitness. But getting some fitness classes under your belt while you’re here will enable you to go home in even better shape than when you arrived.

Ciclo-spinning or 'spin'

When you’re not on the tennis court, you might decide to take part in a 'spin' class. If you’re not familiar with spin, it's static biking that enables you to get a really vigorous workout without running or taking a step outdoors. Carried out in the fitness studio at La Manga Club, the spin classes offer a great overall workout as well as a truly motivating experience thanks to the light and music that complete the picture. During a spin class you'll go through a range of warm up phases as well as uptempo cadences, sprints, climbs and cool-downs, all the while adapting the resistance on your bike to match your capability.


Keeping your heart in good shape isn’t just important for your tennis holiday, it’s important for life and the cardiotonic classes at La Manga are the perfect way to keep your ticker in great shape. Cardio exercises are proven to be a great way of increasing your metabolism, which means you burn more calories between workouts as well as getting in great shape as a result of your efforts.


This one needs no explanation, but rest assured that if you book an aerobics class in between tennis matches, you’ll be in a state of the art class using the most up to date techniques.


GAB stands for Glutes, Abs and Legs and the classes on offer at La Manga enable you to target your troublesome areas and really get to work at getting them in great shape.


Again, step needs no real introduction, but one thing that makes the step classes at La Manga stand out from the rest is the innovative routines and funky music that’ll get to rocking to the beat.

Total pump or body pump

At a body pump class you’ll work no less than eight separate muscle groups in a one-hour class and six or so in a 30-minute session. Suffice to say; when you’ve done a body pump class, you certainly know you’ve done it! When it comes to getting in great shape for the tennis court, body pump is arguably one of the very best ways.


Pilates is a way of working your muscles without becoming too sweaty. Focusing on spinal and pelvic alignment, Pilates is associated with flexibility and strength. At La Manga Club, you’ll be able to sign up for a Pilates class even if you’re an absolute beginner, in the knowledge that you’re in good hands.

So, as you can see, irrespective that your real reason for choosing La Manga is the great tennis facilities, you won’t be left searching for other fitness options. No matter whether you choose to run through the Calblanque national park next to the resort or put yourself through your paces in the fitness studio, you can be sure that your heart will be racing and your pulse will be rising in the company of fellow fitness fans of all levels.

If you’d like to discuss your tennis holiday in detail with one of our fully trained and knowledgeable staff, why not get in touch right now? We’re here to make sure your holiday is all it can be…and even more!