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Cricket at La Manga Club

First played pretty much exclusively in England way back in the 16th century, cricket quickly took centre stage as the national sport by the end of the 18th century. Thereafter, it was the expansion of the British Empire that took cricket to further flung corners of the world, including Australia and the West Indies. Although cricket is normally thought of as a quintessentially English activity; take it to the sun in the likes of La Manga and it takes on a whole new feel.

Cricket at La Manga attracts clubs, leagues and players from far and wide due to its second to none quality. With first class pitches and practice facilities, many an international cricketer has perfected their batting and bowling at La Manga, which means when you hit the turf here, you’ll be sharing the wicket with some of the best.

Even if your principle reason for coming to La Manga is to play tennis, it may well be that you fancy a few wickets from time to time while you’re here. If that’s the case, you’ll find the facilities superb. Both on pitch and off, you won’t be disappointed at what’s on offer. The pitches, as you’d expect are top notch to say the least, but the coaching will also leave you coming back for more. Even complete cricket novices have been known to come to La Manga Club to perfect both their tennis and their cricket at the same time.

Junior and senior cricket players alike will get a real buzz from the environment here, as well as the professional support on offer. The changing facilities for the cricket pitches are shared with the La Manga football pitches, and as such are of exactly the high standard and comfort you’d expect from a centre of the standing of La Manga. This means that no matter whether your plan is to enjoy a few wickets after your tennis or before, you know that all the facilities you need are available to get you looking your best before heading off for a pre-dinner drink or a meal in one of the many restaurants at the resort.

When it comes to school holidays, La Manga offers comprehensive Junior Cricket Academies for youngsters keen to improve their game, get started or just have fun. The Junior Cricket Academy is a great place for your young ones to meet new friends and really get into their sport as well as enjoying the social scene. If you’re coming on a tennis holiday for the adults and have a budding Sir Don Bradman in your family, La Manga couldn’t be more perfect. Choosing this option means that everyone gets what they’re looking for and the whole family makes the most of the holiday.

The La Manga Junior Cricket Academies are on offer during the Easter, May half term and the summer holidays and run from Monday to Friday. With kids grouped into age groups, you and they can be sure they’ll be with people of their own age and all different standards of cricket which means that everyone gets the chance to make the most of their opportunity. Run in conjunction with Cricket Espana, the academies are open to both boys and girls and can be combined with more intensive one-to-one coaching if you so desire. Add to all this, the fact that La Manga has been selected by the International Cricket Council (the ICC) for its Centre of Excellence programme, and you’re unlikely to need further evidence of the quality that’s awaiting you.

So, if you’re busy planning your tennis holiday and either want to incorporate a bit of cricket for yourself or for your kids, you really need look no further. What with the quality of accommodation, the social life and the sporting facilities, as soon as you set foot in the La Manga resort, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

If you’re thinking of booking your tennis holiday at La Manga but would like a bit more information or some specific details, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is here and ready to take your call. Knowledgeable about the resort and passionate about making sure you get the right holiday, we’ll do our very best to make sure you get the answers you’re looking for to enable you to go ahead and secure yourself and your family a simply great time.