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Tennis camps for children at La Manga Club

Tennis is a great sport for kids because although it?s not strictly speaking a team sport, it?s not a solo sport either, so they really can benefit from the best of both worlds. Not only a great way of encouraging them to run about and use up their excess energy, tennis is a great way of making sure they stay healthy at the same time as keeping their brain in great shape. Although tennis in the UK can be played both inside and out, making it an all year round sport, there?s nothing better than knowing that your little ones are outside in the sunshine playing their favourite sport. It?s for this reason that more and more parents choose La Manga Tennis camps or academies for their kids.

Not only is La Manga a great place for the whole family to enjoy a holiday, it benefits from a whole host of accommodation options to suit every budget, which truly is great news for parents and kids alike. At this resort, there are even reductions for kids at certain times of year, particularly in the resort?s 5 star Hotel Principe Felipe, which is keen to attract families to come and enjoy the resort?s facilities. Recommended as Best Family-Friendly European Resort in The Sunday Times Travel Magazine Readers' Awards 2011, it?s easy to see why so many families flock here year after year.

When it comes to making the right decision for the best tennis training camp option for your child, much will depend on their age. That said, no matter their age, they?re sure to enjoy a whole lot of fun on the court as well as being encouraged to get involved in the competitive side of the sport. The tennis camps or academies on offer at La Manga for kids are suitable for any child aged between 3 and 19 years. The offerings are split into age 12 and under who can get involved with the academy for 2 hours a day, generally in the morning; the same applies for age 15 and under and 19 and under. When it comes to the really young ones, the facilities are perfectly tailored to their needs and geared to make their progress as rapid and as fun-filled as possible.

At La Manga Club, they?ve followed the guidance of the International Tennis Federation when it comes to developing the talents of young children and have introduced slower balls and smaller courts to make the game more accessible, easier and more enjoyable. This way of working is believed to make the foundations of the game more manageable for youngsters, enabling them to develop the core skills of the game in the best possible way. This approach is also recognised as a more successful way of enabling them to understand and apply the tactics of the game that would be outside of their reach on a full sized court with normal speed balls.

For kids aged up to 8 years old, they?ll typically enjoy playing with felt balls on a smaller court to enable them to really grasp the basics of the game and get their skills up to speed. Thereafter, between 8 and 10 years old, they?ll move up to orange balls, which travel at about half the speed of a yellow ball and they?ll also play on a slightly smaller court, without leaving them feeling compromised in any way. For the top age range in the under 10s, they?ll progress to green balls, which have a reduced speed of about 25%, but they?ll play on a full sized court.

For any kids that are fans of more than one sport, the perfect option is to combine two academies or camps, so both they, and mum and dad can really benefit from their stay at La Manga. The sport packages that are on offer here really are sporting heaven for kids and leave plenty of time for mum and dad to enjoy their time at the resort without needing to worry that the kids might get bored. Tennis can be combined with football or cricket for example, for kids that might want to either try another new sport for the first time or to really focus on the sports that they want to excel in. Either way, you can be sure that whichever choices they make, they?ll be in extremely safe hands and having a great time, all the while making friends with other kids of their age.

If you?re thinking of heading off to La Manga for your next family holiday and would like to find out more about the tennis camps for children, why not get in touch? Our team knows La Manga inside out and will be able to answer any questions you may have.