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Improve your tennis technique at La Manga Club

If you are keen to improve your tennis technique, theres arguably no better place on earth than La Manga Club, with its 28 courts, 13 of which are floodlit, offering a choice of surfaces from clay courts, hard courts or artificial grass courts, this place really is tennis heaven. Add to this the tennis centre gym and spa, complete with its sauna, plunge pool and Jacuzzi and you begin to see why tennis fans flock here year after year. What?s more, even when you?re off the court, there?s tons to do at La Manga, including any number of other sports, or eating in a whole host of different restaurants, all of which are located on your doorstep.

Here are our 10 Top Tips to improve your tennis technique at La Manga Club:

1. Focus on your forehand. Your forehand is arguably your most important shot and needs to be as strong as it possibly can be. To improve your forehand, you need to visualize the right shot, while focusing on the right swing and making sure you self-criticise until you get it spot on. The goal here is to keep the swing simple and natural as well as making sure your feet are well positioned.

2. Tackle your backhand. Making sure you?re well warmed up and psychologically ready to play before a match will save you lots of frustration. It?s also important to establish how to play your backhand time after time. Are you a one-handed backhand player or a two handed backhand player. You need to sort this out well before you get in front of your opponent because very few players can combine styles successfully. Once again, making sure your feet are well positioned to take the shot will improve your technique no end and will save you a whole lot of energy to boot.

3. Tweak your serve. Again a really important match shot, improving your serve could help you seriously upgrade your overall tennis achievements. One of the keys to good serving is being calm and collected when you take the shot. Thereafter it?s a case of having your grip spot on as well as knowing what pace you want for your serve. Do you want to serve hard and get yourself up to the net, or do you want to serve long and stay at the baseline? Making these decisions before you play will stand you in great stead of improving your serving success.

4. Take your volleying to a whole new level. Not everyone likes to volley, but if it?s your kind of shot, it can really make your game hard to beat. A tough one to get right, the volley can be your best friend or your worst enemy. At the core of good volleying is correct foot positioning. Making sure your base is solid but not too wide means you have a great root from which to take your shot. Thereafter, it?s a case of making sure that you meet the ball at the right moment, not too early and not too late, so you can angle your racket to get the ball exactly where you want it.

5. Smash your smash technique. The smash can be a really impressive, killer shot in a match if you get it right. Making sure you have the right grip, making sure your feet are perfectly positioned and using your non hitting arm to track the ball will help you get the most from this shot, time after time. Thereafter it?s a case of working calmly and confidently and making sure you impact with the ball when your reach is most extended.

6. Home in on your drop shots. A well-executed drop shot is a lovely shot to watch and play. A tough one to get right, this shot is well worth persevering to achieve. The first thing to bear in mind with the drop shot is your court position. There?s no getting away from the fact that the best drop shots are typically born not far from the net. Once again, the continental grip is more than likely to be the most effective here, combined with a short or virtually non-existent backswing. The same is true when it comes to follow through.

7. Get your footwork fancy. Being in the right place at the right time is one of the biggest challenges in tennis and can only be achieved by hard work and determination. In order to really improve your footwork you need to work in small steps forwards, backwards and side ways as well as sprint and stop sessions. Side stepping and bending and crunching will also help you maximise your footwork so you can make sure you?re where you should be when it comes time to play the shot. These court-based exercises alongside endurance fitness will really up your game considerably.

8. Concentrate on your concentration. Concentration in tennis is a tough challenge and much is down to focusing on the here and now and not getting distracted. Making sure you don?t get over emotional and keeping your reactions to outside influences in check will go a long way to making sure you play the best game possible. Staying confident is also a great way of maximizing the mental power behind your game.

9. Strengthen your stamina. Going the extra mile is tough and if your match is going on and on, it?s stamina that will be your best friend. From this point of view, you need to keep yourself in great shape by eating well as well as taking regular on and off-court fitness training.

10. Practice, practice, practice. There are few things that make perfect better than practice and there are few places better to practice than at La Manga! If you?re keen to improve your tennis technique, why not get in touch with our team today? They?ll help you decide what style of tennis holiday would be best for you to help you achieve your objectives.