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How to play better tennis at La Manga Club

If you are keen to play better tennis, there is no doubt that La Manga Club deserves a place on your shortlist of holiday options. Why - Because La Manga is hailed by many as the jewel in the Spanish crown when it comes to tennis. Boasting 28 courts in total, of which 20 are clay, four are hard courts and four artificial grass and 13 are floodlit, La Manga truly does have lots to offer court-wise. Whats more, La Manga also offers an impressive, all-round tennis service, including equipment hire, racket services and a pro shop, so you can kit yourself and your family out for the occasion and have any repairs required done on site. But when it comes to playing a better all round game, then it?s the tuition that?s likely to really attract your attention.

There are many ways that you can achieve your goal to play better tennis at La Manga Club. The first, and arguably most relaxed option is to create your own training schedule that you plan and follow while you?re in residence. If you?re choosing this option, its well worth looking at the full gamut of facilities that are available at La Manga, because your game will really improve by looking at your overall fitness as well as your racket and court skills. If this solution is the most appealing to you, you may well decide to put yourself through your paces in the gym or on a mountain bike ride or two in order to increase your strength and stamina. Thereafter, it could be that you set your sights on improving your aerobic fitness in the pool. When it comes to relaxing afterwards, there?s no better way than opting opt for a treatment at the Spa to soothe the muscles you?ve worked so hard.

If you doubt that a self-monitored regime to improve your tennis at La Manga will get you the results that you want, then you could join one of the many Tennis Academies. No matter whether you?re an adult or a junior player, you?ll be able to find an Academy that will get you playing better tennis at La Manga before you know it.

Here are the academy options that are available:

* The 10-hour Adult Academy. This academy is organised over a week long period of weekday mornings and is a really popular academy. Each session takes two hours and focuses on all strokes as well as boosting tournament skills.

* The 25-hour Adult Gold Academy. This academy is a really intensive training course that runs for a week, both mornings and afternoons each weekday. This academy is for you if you?re serious about really taking your game to a new level. During this intensive training course, you?ll spend mornings focusing on strokes and in the afternoons you?ll concentrate on tactics and match play.

* The 10-hour Weekend Warriors Academy. Not surprisingly, this academy runs on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and is the perfect way to play better tennis at La Manga in a really condensed fashion. A combination of drills training and live match play, you?ll truly get the chance to up your game to a whole new level with this option.

* The Junior Academy. For juniors aged 3 to 19 who want to play better tennis, this academy runs from Monday to Friday and each group is split into age ranges.

* The 15-25 hour Pro Academy. As its name suggests, this academy is designed to help anyone who already plays at an advanced level to play even better. This tough academy really gets down to the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills you?ll need to move your tennis to seriously high level.

After these two options (self-driven and academy), there?s the option of individual tuition whereby you can book of one of the many coaches at La Manga and work out a programme to achieve exactly what you want from your game. If you?re serious about playing better tennis and have already taken advantage of the academy options and you feel as if you?ve worked yourself into the ground, this might be the best option for you. A completely bespoke option whereby you set your goals and you agree how much time you spend together, this solution is a real treat for any tennis player. It allows you to decide exactly what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it. It also gives you the luxury of having one-to-one sessions with a real pro who is focusing only on you. The other great thing about this option is that you?ll be able to schedule your sessions to suit your holiday plans and you?ll have plenty of opportunity to work on the skills you?ve learned with your coach outside of your coaching time.

So there you have it, three great ways to play better tennis at La Manga Club. If you?re trying to work out how best to take your game to a new level, why not get in touch. Our staff is made up of huge tennis and La Manga fans and they?ll be able to help you decide which option will work best for you.