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Health benefits of playing tennis at La Manga Club

At this time of year, everyone seems to be focusing on getting themselves either back in shape or into even better shape, sometimes people make this choice for cosmetic reasons, but more and more, people are really focusing on the health benefits of being in good shape. Reduced blood pressure, increased strength, weight loss and a leaner body are just some of the many benefits you will feel by taking up or increasing the amount of sport you do.

Playing tennis at La Manga Club is just one of the many options you have in this neck of the woods to get real and tangible health benefits. A great resort with superb, year round good weather, La Manga?s tennis facilities truly are impressive, no matter your level of play. You will find here that not only will you get direct health benefits from playing tennis but also the long hours of sunshine will lift even the lowest of spirits. While of course you should always have a medical check up before taking up any sport, assuming you have got the go-ahead from your doctor, here are just some of the health benefits you can expect:

1. A lower risk of heart disease. Heart disease is a real ongoing battle when it comes to health issues and there is growing evidence that even moderate aerobic exercise can significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease. There?s no getting away from the fact that even playing tennis at a low level at La Manga will get your pulse racing and your heart pumping. All of this means that by playing tennis regularly you will be able to get your blood pressure down, keep your weight in check, reduce cholesterol and kiss goodbye to stress, all of which will keep your heart in good shape.

2. Improved flexibility, coordination and overall balance. Tennis is an all round body sport. Pretty much every muscle in your body is required to work hard in order to get to the ball and play a good shot. The combination of skills and effort required to get around the court and getting the ball over the net mean that your body develops flexibility, coordination and balance.

3. Mental agility. Too many of us spend the majority of our time at our desks, in air-conditioned offices. The lucky ones amongst us are challenged and motivated by our work, but many are bored, seeking only the end of the day or the end of the week. In severe cases, this gives rise to fuzzy thinking and even depression. Sport is a great antidote to these problems. Playing tennis at La Manga Club will really get your mind in good shape because when you exercise, your body produces endorphins which not only make you feel good, but will give you a positive overall take on life. Add to this, the fact that a good game of tennis requires creative thinking and always planning ahead and you can see how its not only your body that gets a great workout when you play tennis at La Manga.

4. Stronger bones. When you exercise, you build bone mass in the part of the body that you are exercising. So, if you are running, the chances are that you are building mass in your legs alone. This isn?t the case with tennis. One of the major health benefits of playing tennis at La Manga Club is that you build bone mass and reduce bone mass loss over time, throughout the whole body. Add to this, the improved flexibility and balance you gain from the sport and you soon see that the risks associated with the all too common bone mass reduction as you grow older become less of an issue.

5. Weight loss and, or toning. While not always the primary goal of tennis players, the weight loss and toning results you will get from an intensive period of playing tennis at La Manga is a real secondary health benefit. Once you get on the court at La Manga, you will soon see your body taking on a new form that will have you feeling better in your waistband and in yourself in general.

These are just some of health benefits of playing tennis at La Manga, but of course, at a resort like this, you can expect to have a great time too, which is always a huge lift to your spirits and will help give you a really positive take on life.

If you are keen to take advantage of the health benefits offered by the tennis at La Manga, why not get in touch with our team? We are here and ready to take your call so you can decide whether La Manga is the right spot for you.