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Closest Airports to La Manga
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As soon as youve got La Manga Club in your sights for your next tennis or golf holiday, it is likely that the next item on your agenda will be your travel arrangements. While many people who plan to go to La Manga for a long, winter stay choose to take a ferry and drive, the majority who go for a shorter period tend to choose the luxury of a flight, either followed by car hire or a taxi. The two airports that are closest to La Manga are Murcia (San Javier MJV) Airport and Alicante (El Altet ALC) Airport.

Both of these airports have cheap flight options from the UK, and the likes of Ryanair, Jet 2 and EasyJet are well worth checking out to see if they match up with your travel requirements. The good news at the Spanish end of your journey is that no matter which airport you choose, you wont be far from your final destination. When it comes to journeys from the airport, you?ll be at La Manga within 20 minutes of leaving Murcia (San Javier MJV) Airport and within about an hour and a half of leaving Alicante (El Altet ALC) Airport.

Once you?ve identified the airline that will work best, you?ll be clearer on which airport will work out best for you. Both airports are modern and efficiently run and as you?d expect, Murcia (San Javier MJV) Airport is a smaller affair than Alicante (El Altet ALC) Airport. With only 18 check-in desks at Murcia, it?s quite a cosy little regional airport that is sure not to stress you either at the start or end of your holiday. That said, the facilities at the airport are good and there are a fair number of shops, as well as cafes and restaurants that will keep you occupied if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of facing a delay.

Alicante (El Altet ALC) Airport, which is some 120km from La Manga Club is a bigger affair but still has quite an intimate feel to it. With just short of one hundred check-in desks, the airport is split into two principal areas and is efficiently run and offers all the facilities you?d expect of an airport of this size. With good links with the UK, provided by EasyJet and Jet2, Alicante is a popular choice with many guests who visit La Manga.

Once you?ve decided which airline and which airport will be the most suitable for your holiday, you?ll then need to decide how you will get from the airport to La Manga. There are two main options, which are: taxi or hire car. If you choose a taxi, then you?re looking at about 50 euro for the journey from Murcia (San Javier MJV) Airport and around the 150 euro mark to get from Alicante (El Altet ALC) Airport. Although 150 euro seems like a significant amount on first look; if you think about it, for a group of 3 or 4, it works out at a very reasonable price per head. But there again, car hire isn?t a bad idea.

If you decide that you?d like to make the most of your stay in this part of the world, then car hire is a really good idea. Not only will choosing car hire mean that you don?t need to hang around waiting for a taxi at the airport, but it also means that you?ll have a huge amount of freedom once you arrive at La Manga. Although La Manga is the perfect spot to head if you want to arrive in one place and get absolutely everything you?re looking and hoping for in that one place, it?s also so well situated, there is a strong argument for hiring a car and really making the most of the surrounding area while you?re here.

If you decide to hire a car at either Murcia (San Javier MJV) Airport or Alicante (El Altet ALC) Airport, you really will be spoilt for choice. There?s a huge number of car hire companies that operate out of each airport and a simple online search for ?cheap car hire at Murcia (San Javier MJV) Airport? or ?cheap car hire at Alicante (El Altet ALC) Airport? will give you instant access to a whole host of car hire companies and car hire agents who are keen to attract your attention. Which car hire company you choose will depend largely on price and availability, but do bear in mind, if you?re flying golf clubs or any other chunky sports equipment over with you, you?ll need to make sure that the vehicle you book has plenty of space for you, your fellow passengers and all of your baggage!

If you?re in the throws of imagining yourself pitching up at La Manga for your next holiday and you want to fly there, you can now be sure that there are plenty of options. Thereafter, if you have any questions at all that you?d like to ask before you book, don?t hesitate to get in touch. We?re here and ready to take your call.